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the advantage of Gusset Bag

The gusset bag is a flat pocket to change over, that is to say, in the case of ensuring the capacity, changed the style, the advantages of the organ bag has the following aspects:

A. Reduced space:Fold both sides of the gusset bag flat pocket inside, reducing the exposure of both sides, thus reducing the packaging space.

B. Beautiful packing: The flat pocket is revised to change the original oval bag opening into a rectangular shape, that is, saturated and full, which is close to the shape of a cuboid.

C. The printing content is far richer than the flat pocket, you can dye the bag body of the organ bag into red, blue, black, green, yellow and so on, and then print all kinds of exquisite patterns on it, you can play a hand hole at the opening of the gusset bag, so that the organ handbag is formed!

Flat pocket into gusset bag is not only the above benefits, changed the shape, increase the curious psychology of consumers, from another aspect to promote the packaging bag to attract consumers and buy desire.

gusset bag
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