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Advantages of growing mushrooms in grow bags.

① Bag planting can prevent the spread of miscellaneous bacteria. Studies have shown that mushrooms can still grow and develop normally in a certain hypoxic environment in plastic bags, and this hypoxic environment has a significant inhibitory effect on a variety of molds. Therefore, bag-grown mushrooms can effectively prevent harmful bacteria from occurring. Even if there are miscellaneous bacteria in individual bags, it is easier to handle.

② There is no need to purchase a cultivation bed frame, and the fungus bags can be stacked directly on the ground to carry out three-dimensional cultivation.

③ Mushrooms grown in bags do not have strict requirements on the insulation and moisturizing conditions of the mushroom house. Because the bag plant itself is enough to carry out mycelium culture under a sealed condition, it has a good self-moisturizing property, and by adjusting the stacking method and stacking height of the bacteria bag, it can also achieve automatic temperature regulation.

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